Sunset at first glance

On a map, the Sunset district stands apart by its simplicity – almost rectangular in shape save for a few streets that swoop around the typical San Francisco hill.

From the top of Grand View Park looking over the Sunset district from Noriega Street January 26.

Quiet, working class families and college goers are the norm in this neighborhood at first glance. But a lot more is to be discovered driving, walking and busing the streets east of Ocean Beach, south of Golden Gate Park and west of what seems to be everything else in the city.

Perhaps the loudest part of the Sunset, the bustling highway/street hybrid that is 19th Avenue rips through the center of the district from which more commercial side streets seem to burst.

“[The San Francisco Police Department’s Taraval Station] deals with a lot of accidents because of 19th Avenue,” said Officer John Page of the SFPD’s Taraval Station. “We’re the suburbia in the city. There are a lot of comings and goings.”

The district is extremely self-aware; it’s evident in the structure of things. Mom-and-pop shops thrive in the Sunset’s limits because of this setup: You will almost certainly live on a block that makes it easy to walk to your local stores and neighborhood happenings.

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